Your financial support is greatly needed AND appreciated.

There are multiple ways to give.   

1. Donate online

2. Checks can be made payable to 

“Taylor for Congress 2020” 

and mailed to PO Box 1284, Virginia Beach VA 23451 


3.   Become a Scott Taylor "Bundler" using WinRed's Team Pages.  

This allows you to create a donation page that you can host and share on your own social media.  

You will get credit for every dollar you raise!

Here's more info:


Creating a Team Page

Once you're logged in, you'll be taken to the My Team Pages dashboard where you can create new team pages and view the team pages you've already created. Click the green Create Page button at the top right corner of your screen to create a new team page.

Here you'll have three sections that you'll need to fill out to create your team page:

  • Page Details: Give your page a title, which will be displayed in the browser's tab when donors visit your page.

  • Call to Action: Give your page a strong call to action to encourage your friends to donate. You're enthusiastic about this cause and you want potential donors to be, too! HINT: Try to keep it short, sweet and compelling. 

  • Add Committees: WinRed allows you to raise money for multiple candidates and organizations at once. Any candidate or organization on WinRed is called a Committee. To add a committee to your page, click Add Committee. A search box will pop up. Search for a committee by name and select it from the options. If a committee is on WinRed, it will appear as an option when you start typing its name. Any committees added to your page will split the proceeds of all donations made through your page by default, although donors can always edit the allocation when they donate.

Be sure to click the green Save button at the bottom of your screen to save your team page. Once you save your page information, at the top right corner of your screen, you'll see a blue Preview button that you can click to see what your team page currently looks like. 

Once you save your page, its URL will appear under the page's title. You can click the Copy URL button and share this link with your friends and family to raise money for your favorite candidates.


Viewing your donations 

You can click the Donations tab at the top of your screen to view the donations that your pages have brought in. In the top right corner, you have options to filter your donations by donation date or the amount donated.

Questions? Our team is here to help! Email us at  and a member of our team will be in touch!

Help Us Win VA02

Our mailing address is:

Taylor for Congress 2020

PO BOX 1284

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

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