WinRed Team Pages give conservative leaders the chance to select their own slate of candidates to endorse - and drive attention to.

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up for WinRed Team Pages and make a page

  2. Pick out your candidate, or a group of candidates from anywhere in the country to build your own, personalized slate

  3. Share your Team Page on social media, text message, or an email with family and friends

  4. When your friends or family make a contribution through your WinRed donation page, the candidate(s) receive that contribution - and you get credit for it

The candidates on your slate will be able to see who’s pages are driving the most donors to their campaigns, bringing you closer than ever to elections that could be thousands of miles from your home.

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WinRed makes it easy to make a big impact. We call it “Social Bundling” and because conservatives have such a big presence on platforms like Twitter, we can not only win the debate, but drive outcomes with real dollars.

By making your endorsements public, you can help more candidates than ever before - and alter political outcomes. That’s what Team Pages is all about. 

Update your team pages monthly, weekly, or even daily with candidates who you want to help. Follow the conversation online and drive dollars and eyeballs to where it's needed most. 

John’s page listed President Trump’s accomplishments. So be like John. Make a Team Page, pick your candidates, and share with your friends.